Zeta-Pi Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt, charitable foundation. The Zeta-Pi Housing Corp manages proceeds from the sale of our fraternity property located at 5500 Hardy Avenue. Our mission moving forward is to use some of the annual income generated from invested assets to fund undergraduate scholarships, leadership training, mentoring, and sponsor events for both undergraduate students and alumni.

The Corporation is stewarded by the following Zeta-Pi Alumni as volunteer Officers and Directors:

Michael Powell

I joined Lambda Chi in Fall 1976. At the time there were 15 active and 8 in our AM class (The Hardcore 8). I lived in Zura Hall the year before, on B 2/3 wing. Out of those 2 floors came 11 future Lambda Chi Brothers. Held the office of Beta for 2 terms and Alpha for 1 term. Lived in Room 2 in the house. Was on IFC Judicial and on the chapter Executive Committee. Majored in Information Systems. In 1980 switched gears and had the opportunity to open a restaurant in Long Beach, Suma Japanese Cuisine. Sold the restaurant in 1989, was hired by Chili's Grill and Bar, and worked as a Managing Partner for 20 years, totaling over 35 years in the restaurant industry. Have a son, Ryan, who is an AM at the Lambda Chi Colony at Northern Arizona. My passion is fishing, spin, fly, deep sea, I'm there! My Big Bro is Steve Mortensen, Little Bros are Doug Midgely, Roger Newsham, Scott Witzman, Steve Heck. Big Sis is Lisa Petrie, I think I had 7-8 Little sisters, Nancy Plunkett, Betsy Foster, Laurie Yip to name a few. Now I'm an Alumni Advisor at the Lambda Chi chapters at UC San Diego and Northern Arizona University.

Craig Stevens

I lived my college life backward, living off-campus in Pacific Beach as a freshman in August 1978. Seeking more involvement and a social life, I moved near campus in August 1979 and coincidentally met a Lambda Chi little sister on a spur of the moment/random road trip to Rosarito Beach and the rest is history. She introduced me to the brothers at rush and I was invited to become a Lambda Chi A.M. Fall 1979. This sequence of decisions were some of the best decisions of my life! Mark Pack was my big bro.

I was totally into the fraternity and all it offered. At a toga party, I met a cute Chi Omega gal, who was a Lambda Little Sister, and we dated throughout college, got married, and had a daughter and son. I was never really into school but did join the Associated Business Students Board as an officer and I graduated in 1982 with a Business-Finance degree and a 2.71 GPA! I just wanted out and to prove myself in the real world! I loved my hands-on internship with a financial services firm and was offered my first job before graduation. I took a month off to travel in the Caribbean with a buddy, then came back and started my career in July 1982.

I spent 10 years climbing the corporate ladder in financial services and then morphed into commercial real estate. I worked for large companies, including CBRE, until I got pushed out in 2003. With my new wife, April, we formed our own company (specializing in the formation and management of Commercial Property Owners Associations - 200+ business parks, four states, 4,000 building owners, 52m sq. ft.), grew it and sold it to a global company in 2012 and retired to our home in San Diego. During this time, SDSU roped me back in and I became President of the Orange County Alumni Association, Board member of the Fowler College of Business Administration, Board member of the SDSU Corky Mc Millin Center for Real Estate, Board member of the SDSU Lavin Entrepreneurship Center, Board member of the SDSU Center for Surf Research and Board member of the Zeta-Pi Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha, Inc. Housing Corporation. In 2012 I was awarded the Monty Award for alumni of the year from the college of business. After selling the company, SDSU invited me to teach a career/real-life class and lower and upper-division entrepreneurship classes. Along the way, I started mentoring hundreds of young men and women... helping them to formulate life planning and post-college strategies for themselves. I totally love this work and continue it today!

In 2017, I got a little bored, so I started another commercial real estate firm with my wife to stay involved and in the mix about 30% of the time. So we’re back at it again!

I live in Pacific Beach with my wife, April. I stay active with and enjoy surfing, golfing, tennis, sailing, hiking, traveling, mentoring young adults, and helping with regional Lambda Chi activities. Our three grown children live in Los Angeles, Bay Area, and San Diego.

John Grant

John Grant has been involved in the manufactured housing community and recreational vehicle resort business for 35 years as a commercial real estate broker, property owner, and asset manager ( John was active at Zeta-Pi-Zeta at San Diego State University from 1978-1982 and served as High Beta, High Rho, and Executive Committee. He was also on the AS Council representing the business school for two years while at SDSU. In 1982 he received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in real estate. John lives in the Scripps Ranch area of San Diego with his wife and one son. John enjoys flying his Cirrus airplane, playing golf, surfing, and softball, and contributing to a local sports club and philanthropy through the Scripps Ranch Old Pros.

Rick Lepire

Now a member of the housing board, Rick Lepire served as a Zeta Officer three times during his time as an undergraduate. Initiating in the Fall of ‘82, Rick served twice as the High Delta, then serving as the High Kappa and Executive Chairman. After graduating from San Diego State with a bachelor’s in public administration, he went on to complete his master’s in education. For the past 25 years, he has enjoyed his time as a teacher for Vista High School, and as an accomplished baseball coach.

Claude Hooton

With over 25 years of strategic, operational, and corporate management experience in high-growth healthcare tech companies, Claude is the President and Chief Operating Officer of the medical device company, NucleusHealth. Prior to joining NucleusHealth, Claude managed the U.S. Sales Operations for Qualcomm Life, the healthcare division for Qualcomm Corporation. He also served as President of the PMB Real Estate Services division of Ventas REIT and as EVP / Board Member of Baxa Corporation, a global medical device company later acquired by Baxter International. He's also held roles at Pyxis, Dura Pharmaceuticals, and Eli Lilly. Claude holds a BS in Finance from San Diego State University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He was a Lambda Chi at SDSU from 1980 to 1985 and is Zeta-Pi 744. While a Lambda, he was the High Delta, Phi, and Pi. He is currently a member of the SDSU Lambda Chi Housing Corp Committee.

Our distinguished alumni are one of the greatest assets of Lambda Chi Alpha. They share their wisdom, connections, experience, and amazing stories with undergraduate brothers. Many have become CEOs of major corporations, successful entrepreneurs, doctors, scientists, and value-based leaders in both the public and private sectors. Lambda Chi Alpha is truly a lifetime of brotherhood. Our alumni are caring mentors and a rock-solid network for undergraduates seeking career positions in software, architecture, engineering, business, math & sciences, and liberal arts vocations.

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